Partnership Program

Accelerate your opportunities by partnering with us

If you are connected to other companies that would make great Heliumlit clients, let’s discuss a partnership. Not only will this broaden your scope of offerings and increase your advertising draw, it will also give you the option of an additional revenue stream. 

Agencies, creative firms, developers, consulting firms, IT firms, and investors all make great partners, but we don’t stop there. We can work with any company or major influencer with an agreeable process and company base that matches our value proposition and client profile.

Referral Partnership: The most common partnership is a referral partnership where you do the referring and we do the contracting. It is a branded relationship, not white-label. You will be assigned a partner success manager to guide you and get you the resources needed to succeed. We do a revenue share that is very competitive, and we focus on making you look great to the companies you refer.

Strategic Partnership: For partners with clear overlapping value propositions, large bases, and a unique engagement, we can engage strategically. 

Partner with Us