What is demand generation? Demand generation is the act of getting prospective customers excited about your product or services. It is basically a process of generating demand for an offer. It is a data-driven marketing strategy to create awareness for a company.  FUNDAMENTALS OF DEMAND GENERATION MARKETING Planning: demand generation activities are geared towards creating … Read morePERSONALIZATION OF DEMAND GENERATION MARKETING


Personalization of digital marketing is a strategy of marketing that leverages data analysis, digital technologies and user behaviour to reach prospective and current customers in a more individualized manner. It was formerly referred to as interest-based advertising. This was because of the use of personal interest and demographics of prospective and current customers. The basic … Read morePERSONALIZATION OF DIGITAL MARKETING CAMPAIGNS

Digital Marketing Trends in 2020 for continous growth

Digital Marketing trends can not be ignored, it does not matter what industry you’re in or what product and services you offer. Digital Marketing is fast evolving and right now there are not many businesses without an online presence. Technology is constantly evolving and so is digital marketing. To keep up with this constant change, … Read moreDigital Marketing Trends in 2020 for continous growth

Continuous Business Growth As a Result of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing assumes a key role in the continuous growth of any business. Whether or not you run an online shop or a B2B business, digital marketing can work for you. A good Digital Marketing procedure will assist you with defining objectives and targets. It would also measure achievement and generate more leads or get more … Read moreContinuous Business Growth As a Result of Digital Marketing

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